Blond models  

1) Barbie - Annika Dop

2) Sex Bomb - Ilary Blazi

3) Hitchkock Blonde - Elsa Hosk

4) Baby Blonde - Caroline Trentini

4) Baby Blonde - Julie Ziersen

5) Gorgeous Babe - Julia Tenselius

6) Princess/Heiress - Paris Hilton

7) Lady - Nastia Gorshkova

8) Cowboy Girl - Renee Zellweger

There are girls with blond hair of various types and kinds, here I made an appendix of them:
1)Barbie - looks like a Barbie doll and is very correct in certain things.
Ex.: Claudia Schiffer, Annika Dop, Hana Soukoupova
2) Sex Bomb - really gorgeous and a sensual girl.
Ex.: Gisele Bundchen, Gianne Albertoni, Ilary Blazi
3) Hitchkock Blonde - A typical cold Scandinavian, calculating and cold, but having an internal fire
Ex.: Caroline Winberg, Elsa Hosk
4) Baby Blonde, Cutie -
Ex.: Gemma Ward, Caroline Trentini, May Andersen, Diana Kamalova, Julie Ziersen
5)Italian Diva -
Ex.: Valeria Mazza, Julia Tenselius
6) Princess/Heiress -
Ex.: Paris Hilton
7) Lady - wears lady style and is a true lady in manners and everything
Ex.: Leticia Birkheuer, Nastia Gorshkova
8) Cowboy Girl -
Ex.: Renee Zellweger
9)Innocent Pure Angel - a girl with almost no makeup looking innocent, a natural beauty
11)Just a Cutie
12)Vamp - smoky eyes or burgundy lipstick or altogether

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