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This is my home website and I dedicate it to fashion. The picture galleries include:
Redhead Divas <- contains pictures of redhead models, as I`m in love with red hair color
Elivish-like Models <- models looking like elves, from celtic and scandinavian myths
Scandianavian Blonds <- as I made a picture gallery with redhead models I`ve decided to make another one for blonds
The 10 Most Beautiful Models of All Time <- My choice of the most beautiful models
Top 10 Models in Spring 2005 <- also of my choice
Top 10 Models in Autumn 2005 <- as well
Honey <- contains pictures of my fave models and just beautiful pictures
News <- my livejournal
Guestbook <- sign it up!
The pictures on the website are copyrited by their owners and for personal use only.

About Myself

Redhead Divas

Elvish-like Models

Blond models

The 10 Most Beautiful Models of All Times

The Beautiful Models

More of beautiful models...

Fave Faces


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